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    Cookie Policy

    Cookies Policy

    2. Cookies files – These are computer data, small text files saved and stored on the device of a User of a page, sent by the web service, which is visited by the User to the their device by which the User uses the the web page (eg. a laptop, tablet, computer). Cookies typically contain a unique number, time of storage on the device of the User and the website address, from which they originate.
    3. The entity presenting the cookies in the User’s devices in relation to visiting the page of www.martuz.pl and having to access these files is MARTUZ Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. with the headquarters in Warszawa, Kobielska 11/61.
    4. The only information collected automatically by the service www.martuz.pl is the information contained in cookies.
    5. Please be advised that we use the information collected by cookies on the final device of Users in order to:

    – optimize the content of the website: www.martuz.pl

    – adjust it to the needs of each User, including the recognition of the device, storing of the User preferences and adapting displaying mode of the web page on that device,

    – advertise and collect statistics. Cookies may also be used to maintain sessions for Users logging on to the service, so there is no need for re-entering login and password.

    1. There are two types of cookies used on the website of www.martuz.pl:
    2. a) session cookies – files that are stored on the device of the User and remain there until the end of the session the browser. Saved information is then permanently deleted from the device memory. The mechanism does not allow session cookies to collect any personal information or any confidential information from the device of the User.
    3. b) persistent cookies – are stored on the device of the User and remain there for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are reset by the User. Termination of session, disabling the browser or the device does not delete them from the device. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow downloading any personal information nor any confidential information from the device of the User.

    Cookies used:

    1) cookies required – enabling the use of services offered by the service, for example. enabling authentication in cases where authentication is required,

    2) functional cookies – associated with remembering of the User’s preferences regarding the functioning and appearance of the site, eg. on the font size, the language used, etc.

    3) configuration cookies – enabling to configure features and services offered by the service,

    4) advertising cookies – provide Users with the ability to deliver content adjusted to Their interests,

    5) performance and statistics cookies – related to the collection of information on how to use the website in order to improve the content and structure of the website,

    6) security cookies – providing security eg. by detecting fraud in the authentication


    Users can change Their browser settings for cookies.

    1. The User has the ability to limit or disable access of cookies to Their device. Selecting this option, using the Website will be possible, but functions that require the cookies for action will not be available.
    2. User can at any time change the settings of cookies themselves, specifying the terms of storing and accessing the cookies to the device of the User’s. Changes to the settings mentioned above can be made using the web browser settings, or by using service configuration.
    3. Users may, in particular, set their browser to block the automatic handling of of cookies themselves or notify them whenever the posting of of cookies on Their device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling of cookies is available in the software settings (browser) and the Instructions of each browser.
    4. In case of mobile devices managing cookies may can be solved in different ways. Please check details in the User Manual. Please note that the use of a service on different devices takes into account individual settings for each of them.
    5. For more information on cookie files, see the Help menu of your browser. Using www.martuz.pl without changing browser settings means accepting the use of cookies. Clicking the button “I Understand and Accept” (close) also means the acceptance of the use of cookies.